Developmental Studies

Developmental Studies

If you are thinking about or in the process of enrolling in college, Learner Support offers you the opportunity to brush up on the skills needed for you to get into and succeed in the college of your choice.

The program is called Developmental Studies. Students in the program bring their reading, writing, math, and other academic skills up to the levels needed to succeed in college courses.

Some students refer themselves to Developmental Studies. More typically, however, a Western advisor or counselor makes the referral.

Referrals are made after a review of the student's records and according to established Western admission guidelines and standards. Once referred, completion of Developmental Studies classes is usually required before the student can start his or her program classes.

Schedule and Registration Information

Fall 2016

Summer 2016


The following courses are available each semester:

Developmental Communication

  • Complete review of English grammar.
  • Study of sentence structure.
  • Learning to write a paragraph.
  • Review of technical writing skills.

Developmental Reading

  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary development.
  • Effective textbook comprehension.
  • Test-taking skills.
  • Vocabulary Development for College Study

All comprehension strategies applied to college level readings.

Developmental Biology

  • Structured course with lecture and labs.
  • 1 year of college preparatory Biology is taught in one semester.

Developmental Chemistry

  • Structured course with lecture and labs.