Associate of Science-Liberal Arts

Associate of Science-Liberal Arts

Associate of Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 64.00

Program Overview

The Associate of Science transfer degree is a two-year liberal arts degree designed to provide the liberal arts foundation generally required for bachelor’s degrees at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and many other four-year institutions.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the credits taken at Western, additional credits must be taken at another 4-year institution to complete the program. Please meet with your advisor to discuss your personal education plan.

The Associate of Science/Liberal Arts transfer degree is a two-year degree designed to provide you with the general education credits commonly accepted for transfer into a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs at four-year colleges and universities. By completing your degree at Western Technical College, you will gain an educational foundation in languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and the social sciences.

If you have a particular four-year institution in mind, it is important that you verify the transferability of credits to that college for graduation and for your major. If you have not selected a major field of study, enrolling in the Associate of Science/Liberal Arts Transfer Degree program will give you exposure to several areas of study and a broad preparation for transfer.

Best of all, you’ll save money by starting at Western. Compare Western’s transfer degree tuition with other higher education institutions.

Western ...............................$4,088
WI Two-Year Colleges*........$4,819
WI Universities*.................$6,857
Private Colleges**.............$24,481

2014 Tuition rates are an average based on two 12-credit semesters, not including other fees.

For more information on the Associate of Science/Liberal Arts transfer degree, contact or call 608.785.9553.

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* The University of Wisconsin System Tuition Schedule 2014.
** Wisconsin’s Private Nonprofit Colleges & Universities 2014 - Guide to Admission & Financial Aid.