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Western Technical College attracts a diverse student population and is committed to an open-door policy for admission to the college for all prospective students who meet statutory requirements. Recognizing that students are diverse in educational preparation and that courses and programs at the college have varying levels of difficulty, admissions services are designed to provide the best match for each applicant's abilities, interests and aptitudes.
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Attention Veterans

In compliance with Wisconsin Act AB201, Western proudly offers eligible Veterans and Service Members the opportunity to receive priority course enrollment dates assigned by admission status.

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Assessment Services

Applicants wanting to study in a specific program area will go through assessment using COMPASS, a series of basic skill tests, prior to being admitted to the college.
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Wisconsin residents will have priority in admissions. Residents outside the state of Wisconsin may be admitted to programs offered by Western after Wisconsin residents inside and outside the Western district, as program space is available.
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Waiting Lists

Because of program capacity, Western maintains waiting lists for students applying to programs that are at capacity. Waiting list applicants will have priority over all applicants for admission in subsequent semesters and will be admitted in order based on the date of meeting the program admission requirements.