Wisconsin residents will have priority in admissions. Residents outside the state of Wisconsin may be admitted to programs offered by Western after Wisconsin residents inside and outside the Western district, as program space is available. Students who apply for admission under an interstate reciprocity agreement shall be considered for program admission based on the residence category established for students by the terms of the reciprocity agreement.

In determining residency, the applicant's intent to maintain a permanent residence in Wisconsin is a determining factor. In addition, the intent to stay in Wisconsin may be demonstrated by the following:

  • Filing of Wisconsin income tax returns,
  • Proof of employment, and
  • Self-support.

If the intent is to maintain home residence and commute (i.e. Iowa), an applicant may qualify for an out of state tuition waiver. Applicants must qualify for the PELL grant in order to be eligible for an out of state waiver.

For additional information on residency/out of state tuition waiver please contact the Admissions Office.

 Residency Determination Form PDF

For additional information on residency please contact the Admissions Office.