Alumni Phonathon

Alumni Phonathon

The alumni phonathon is a very special way for students, alumni and friends to serve Western Technical College and its students. Graduates of the college are called in order to update their employment and contact information, providing invaluable data for college evaluation and to assist with maintaining a relationship with alumni. In addition, alumni are invited to consider a financial contribution to the college to support scholarships, program needs, and faculty development. This is a great way to develop communication skills and gain experience with fund raising which is appreciated by the many non-profit organizations employing graduates today.

  • Monday - Thursday, 5:15 - 8:45 p.m.
  • Pay: $8.00 per hour, $8.50 per hour for returning callers
  • Application form
  • Questions? Call Sally at 608.789.6083 or email.

Fall 2015

Training: Week of September 28
Calling: October 5 - November 12

Spring 2016

Training: Week of February 15
Calling: February 22 - March 31