Grant Opportunities

Business & Industry Services (BIS) at various times has access to a number of different grant opportunities. These grants may offer many benefits to employers of small, medium and large size. Grants may be available to implement training projects that address a variety of needs and topics for employees.

Types of training may range from trade specific courses such as CNC, milling, welding, safety, supervision and leadership. A BIS Consultant will meet with approved partners to discuss their training needs and whether or not a grant project may be appropriate. While the grant process does involve a time commitment from the company, it does allow BIS to develop training that is company-specific. The company will also be asked to meet with our grant writer to answer questions about the company on such topics as history, demographics, measurement tools and need.

Some grants require a match requirement from the employer of cash or other resources. Contact a BIS Consultant today to learn more about grant opportunities and requirements.