Lean/Six Sigma

Earning the Lean Certificate means that you, as an individual, understand the key principles of Lean and that you have gained experience in putting those principles to work by attending six full-day Lean workshops that included hands-on simulations engaging you in a blended learning model.

Lean and Lean Certificate

To earn the Lean Certification, you not only attend the six full-day Lean workshops but you also complete an on-site Company Project. Western project managers are available as mentors to assist you with your implementation. Afterwards, your company will be ready to continue the journey with ongoing improvements that directly affect your bottom line.

Take all six and earn a certificate or take separately as your company needs.

Lean 101

This workshop introduces the systematic approach to eliminating waste in the manufacturing process. Interactive learning with live simulations provide realistic before and after scenarios.

5S in the Workplace

The principles of 5S are based on the idea that manufacturing improvements begin with a workplace this is organized, clean, standardized and contains only what is required. Transform your manufacturing operations into one with enhanced communication and productivity. Learn to employ 5S methodology in your operation and implement visual workplace techniques.

Principles of Cellular / Flow Manufacturing

When processes are balanced, the product flows continuously and customer demands are met easily. Cellular / Flow Manufacturing links manual and machine operations into the most efficient combination of resources to maximize value added content while minimizing waste.

Quick Change Over / Set up Reduction

Builds on the principles of the Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) system to dramatically reduces or eliminate change over time. The four step change over process is used to help companies design no-cost / low cost solutions to reduce change over time.

Total Productive Maintenance

Reducing inventory imposes a need to maximize equipment productivity. Learn to analyze overall equipment effectiveness to determine how much equipment time is being used effectively. Find out why machine operators are your first resource for maintenance and consider effective, preventive and predictive maintenance tools that help you significantly reduce machine downtime and achieve autonomous maintenance.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a lean tool that you can use to visually depict the material and information flow throughout a given process. The student will gain the ability to map the real work process.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a philosophy of doing business with a focus on eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge. Six sigma methods integrate principles of business, statistics and engineering to achieve tangible results. Six sigma tools are used to improve the processes and products of a company. They are applicable across every discipline including: Production, Sales, Marketing, Design, Administration and Service.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Introduction and application of statistical process control techniques, including variable sampling plans, control chart construction and analysis, and process capability.