Marketing and Sales

Learn how to make money by setting goals and objectives, following a plan, choosing and using the best tools. Learn how to carefully monitor your results and measure your ROI. You can learn everything you need to not only get started but also get up to speed on your sales and marketing action plan.

Effective use of Social Media

Get strategies for planning, executing and measuring Social Media Marketing. If you think about social media and your head swims, you aren't alone. Coming up with an effective way to incorporate social media into your organization's success can be overwhelming. This course takes you through the ins and outs of social media marketing.

Training Plans

You will learn how to develop goals, and turn them into learning objectives. You will discover how to link those with targeted teaching and learning activities for the best knowledge transfer. Finally you will discover the most effective methods to measure the success of the training, up to and including R.O.I!

Marketing Plans

In this session you will learn the role of marketing in your organization, how to use market research and market intelligence information Systems. You will also learn how to leverage marketing strategies, understand and align the components of the marketing mix, create customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty and develop a plan to implement the above.

Sales Techniques/Solution Selling

This course deals with the selling process and includes approach, presentation, handling objections, and closing the sale.

Total Productive Maintenance

Reducing inventory imposes a need to maximize equipment productivity. Learn to analyze overall equipment effectiveness to determine how much equipment time is being used effectively. Find out why machine operators are your first resource for maintenance and consider effective, preventive and predictive maintenance tools that help you significantly reduce machine downtime and achieve autonomous maintenance.

Telephone Sales

Elements of telemarketing including sales strategies, methods of closing sales over the phone, and courteous treatment of customers.