Needs Assessment

Do you want to improve your bottom line? Did you know improving performance isn't always about training? Working with BIS to assess the areas you wish to improve, you can determine the appropriate intervention and whether it is training or not. When you engage our comprehensive needs assessment process, you can discover lost opportunities in your workforce, methods, materials, machines, or environment. Our needs assessment and analyses look at four critical areas of performance:

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Sales/Marketing

Training could be the answer, but do you really know? Contact our Training Consultants and let's talk about your challenges and the possible solutions, or Download the Needs Assessment Brochure.


BIS has access to an incredible knowledge base at not only Western Technical College, but the entire Wisconsin Technical College System and our partners. If you need help with any type of business related problem whether marketing, planning, production, operations, inventory or even layout, we have access to the expertise to do the job right! Contact our Training Consultants and let's talk about what your next step might be!

Root cause analysis

We can help identify what, how, and why an unwanted situation happened. We will "peel the onion" to determine the real cause of the problem and how to deal with it rather than simply continuing to deal with the symptoms. The root cause process may include: data collection, cause charting, identification, recommendations and implementation.

strategic planning

We understand that a clear strategic plan is the key for every organizations journey to success. Without a solid strategic plan, goals will not be met. Business & Industry Services offers strategic planning facilitation that will develop a clear, practical, and strategic plan to guide your organization into the future. After the strategic planning session, BIS offers follow up services to insure that your organization is achieving their goals. Download Strategic Planning Brochure.


Western Technical Colleges offers a wide array of safety training, customized to suit your specific situation. Our training will help reduce incidents, maintain compliance, and enhance your safety culture. Let us create a customized solution to your safety training needs. Download Safety Brochure.