Career Services at Western

Career Services

Introducing Candid Career Videos

What is Candid Career?

  • A fun and efficient way to explore careers!  Similar in nature to YouTube.
  • Discover career fields you did not even know existed and learn what it takes to get there.
  • Save your favorites to help guide your college and/or career discussions with your parents and/or school educators.
  • Use the advice to further educate yourself on your favorite careers, complete pre-requisites, and pursue internships and job openings.

Candid Career Click on the Candid Career logo to access thousands of career educational videos.

Student and Alumni Job Board

TechConnect is a Student and alumni job board for students and graduates of Western.
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Career & Salary Information

Resources that can help you determine more about the projected demand, expected salary, as well as detailed descriptions and characteristics of the work.
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Job Search Websites

Various websites that can help you with your job search.
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Career Assessments

Often times, incoming students are unsure of exactly what career they want to pursue. It can be helpful to spend some time discovering your personal interests and abilities in order to find a program area that matches your unique strengths.
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Non-Traditional Occupations

Consider a non-traditional occupation. A non-traditional occupation is defined as any occupation in which women or men comprise less than 25% of the workforce.
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Getting The Job

Networking, résumés, cover letters, and other tips.
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Perfect Interview™ Online

Perfect Interview™ is an innovative learning tool that you can use to enhance your job interviewing skills and develop an edge over the competition. Perfect Interview™ creates a compelling and realistic "simulated interview" experience where you are asked challenging questions and must respond, just as you would in a real job interview.

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