Relationship Violence Prevention/Student Advocacy

Relationship Violence Prevention/Student Advocacy

Click any of the links below to learn what to do if you experience sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking. Clicking any of the links will also lead you to info on how to help a friend, and where & how to get help, or make a report. If you are concerned for your immediate safety, please call:
La Crosse Police Department 911 or 608.785.5962
Western Campus Security 608.785.9191
The police department and campus security can help keep you safe and provide resources on the options available to you. Once you are in a safe environment, please contact the Violence Prevention Specialist/Student Advocate, Maria Strong for more or 608.789.4729.

Relationship Violence Prevention/Student Advocate

Violence Prevention Specialist/ Student Advocate, or
608. 785.9468, located in the Welcome Center, 400 North Seventh Street.

Maria Strong, Violence Prevention Specialist/Student Advocate, or 608.789.4729, located in the Welcome Center, 400 North Seventh Street.

Where to get Help

Western students are encouraged to disclose abuse and seek help by contacting any of the resources listed here.

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Domestic Violence

Dating/Domestic violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in an intimate relationship.
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Sexual Assault

sexual assault is any unwanted touching of an intimate part or intercourse without freely given agreement.
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The general definition of stalking is a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.
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Safety Plan for Abusive Relationships

We encourage you to complete this form with someone you trust and print this page and keep it with you.
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