Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

Students who receive financial aid at Western must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Federal regulations require that your entire Western record be reviewed for SAP, including terms for which you did not receive aid. We will apply the same satisfactory academic progress standards for terms when you are receiving financial aid. Your academic progress is evaluated after each semester.

Financial Aid SAP Requirements

To maintain eligibility for financial aid , students must maintain a CUMULATIVE GPA of 2.0 or above AND must complete at least 67% of CUMULATIVE credits attempted.


The first semester a student fails to meet the requirements listed above, they will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. The student will remain in WARNING status until the end of the next semester of attendance when progress will again be reviewed.


Students will be notified that financial aid is SUSPENDED if they fail to meet the requirements listed above for 2 consecutive semesters, or if you exceed the allowable number of credits attempted (see Duration of Financial Aid Eligibility) during your college career.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

To regain financial aid eligibility, students must pay all tuition and fees on their own until they: Earn at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA ; AND complete at least 67% of CUMULATIVE credits attempted; AND complete an Academic Success Plan; or receive approval of their appeal for financial aid reinstatement

The Appeal Process

Students who are put on financial aid suspension, may appeal the suspension and may be required to create an Academic Plan. If a student is granted their appeal, they will be on financial aid PROBATION. If after the semester the student is on probation, satisfactory academic progress isn't met or the student fails to follow an Academic Plan at any time after the plan is created, future aid WILL BE DENIED. If a student's appeal for reinstatement is denied or no appeal is made, students must pay all tuition and fee charges until minimum satisfactory progress requirements at Western are met.


Duration of Financial Aid Eligibility (Maximum Timeframe 150% Rule)

The number of Credits Attempted includes all classes taken at Western and any transferred credits regardless of whether financial aid was received while enrolled in those classes. Repeated classes, transfers, failed classes, withdrawals, and incompletes are also counted toward the number of Credits Attempted. All classes enrolled as of the Date of Record for each semester will be counted as Credits Attempted.

The Maximum Time Frame in which students must complete an educational program is determined by taking the number of credits needed to complete the program and multiply by 150%. For example, if the student's program requires 68 credits to graduate, students have 102 credits (68 credits x 150%) they are able to take before reaching Maximum Time Frame.

Credits taken toward other programs are also counted in determining Maximum Timeframe status. Appeals for extension to the 150% Rule can be requested by completing the Academic Progress Appeal (150% Rule) form and an Academic Success Plan with the help of an advisor.

Failure to comply with a completed Academic Plan will result in DENIAL of future financial aid!

Repeated Classes

If you retake a course for which you earned a C or better, contact the Financial aid Manager to determine if you are able to receive aid for this course again. Repeated coursework will be included when determining satisfactory academic progress.