College Work Study Jobs

College Work-Study Jobs


College work-study is a need-based program that is awarded to eligible students based on the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Work-study funds are limited, and are awarded to students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Federal College Work-Study program provides jobs to students with financial need allowing them to earn money to help pay for educational expenses. Students who are eligible for College Work-Study can earn up to the amount listed on their award letter or until Western’s total college work-study allocation is exhausted.

College Work-Study employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis (around the 10th and 26th of each month), based on the number of hours they worked. College work-study money is earned and paid to the student, and is not deducted from the student’s balance on their Western account.

Work-study students must have a minimum of six credits (not including developmental credits) each term to qualify to work under this program. Positions are available both on and off-campus.

Fall & Spring:

Fall and spring term work-study employees can work up to 10 hours per week but no more than 8 hours per day, with compensation of $8.00/hour.


Summer work-study employees can begin work on May 1st and can work up to 25 hours per week but no more than 8 hours per day, with compensation of $8.00/hour. Students who work starting July 1st or later must have their 2015-2016 FAFSA filed and must be enrolled for the Fall term carrying at least 6 regular credits. Students enrolled in credit classes for the summer, are NOTeligible to work under the summer work-study program.

Hiring Process:

When a student is awarded College Work-Study, a questionnaire will be emailed to the student for completion. Once completed and returned to the Work-Study Coordinator, someone will be in contact with the student. If hired, students will need to speak with Heather Marx to complete the necessary paperwork. Her office is located in the Administrative Building on the first floor.

Further questions about College Work-Study may be addressed to the Work-Study Coordinator, Heather Marx at 608-785-9594 or





Open Spring Work-Study Positions

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