How We Support Western

How We Support Western


Starting students on the road to success represents an important investment in western Wisconsin. Financial access to higher education becomes increasingly difficult as public aid diminishes, tuition increases and the cost of childcare, textbooks, transportation, and living expenses make it harder for many to attend college. Creating a named scholarship through the Western Technical College Foundation is one way you can assist student and leave a legacy at Western Technical College. It is also a very meaningful way to honor family and friends.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are funds that have been donated:

  • In memory, of an individual(s);
  • In honor of an individual(s);
  • By an individual, organization and/or business.

Endowed scholarship funds are designed to be permanent and perpetual and can be created with gifts totaling a minimum amount of $10,000, contributed in full or with an initial commitment that is added to over time until the endowment level of $10,000 is attained. The principal of the fund is invested to produce income, and disbursements from the net investment income earned in a 12-month period will be utilized for the scholarship award. The principal remains untouched, so the endowment can last into perpetuity.

Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships are funds that have been donated:

  • In memory of an individual(s);
  • In honor of an individual(s);
  • By an individual, organization and/or business.

Annual scholarships can be established with an outright gift of $500 or more. Unlike an endowed scholarship described above, an annual scholarship is not a permanent fund and the total amount is awarded to the student. The scholarship is awarded as long as you (or others) choose to contribute to the fund.

The donor and the Foundation agree upon the criteria and the name of the scholarship. The Foundation Office staff is available to help you create the criteria for your scholarship. Once established, you will be notified annually when the scholarship recipient(s) has been selected.

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Student Leadership

The John Bosshard Leadership fund is available to Western's student clubs for activities, events, and programs that develop competencies and encourage initiative related to leadership skills.

Western Technical College believe the development of effective leadership skills and attitudes is an important part of a student's education. The Foundation and the college believe it is the college's responsibility to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness in gaining leadership skills.

The Bosshard Leadership Fund was established to foster and encourage the development of leadership skills in students at Western. The ultimate goal of the fund is for competent, resourceful and dedicated leaders to take their place in, and make a contribution to the community and the country.

The Foundation and the College believe that student clubs, organization and activities that best support this goal should be recognized and rewarded. The Bosshard Leadership Fund shall be used to foster activities, events and programs that develop competencies related to leadership skills.

Special Needs

The Fresh Start - Break the Cycle project assists single parents with childcare support while they attend classes at Western.

One of the major obstacles for single parents to begin or complete their post-secondary education is having enough money for child care while attending school. These parents also need a healthy support system, as well as resources to enhance their parenting skills for their future success. Single parents with limited social support and few financial resources find it impossible to:

  • Improve the quality of life for themselves and their children.
  • Obtain the education necessary to prepare for technological jobs to become economically secure.
  • Gain confidence and a positive attitude that builds self-esteem and encourages success.
  • Improve and enhance parenting and relationship skills which will affect them and their children for the rest of their lives.

The purpose of Fresh Start is to provide single parents with the opportunity to complete their education at Western Technical College. The Western Foundation will assist students with childcare funding for their children at accredited/licensed daycare centers.

Professional Development

Commitment to Faculty and Staff Excellence - The Foundation and its Board provide funding to the College to help staff with their professional development and employee success plans, enabling them to engage in continual improvement and growth. The Foundation supports Western Technical College faculty, staff and administrators in their ongoing quest for excellence. We strive to provide dynamic, student-centered comprehensive and accessible educational opportunities that address the needs of the community. The college believes that staff, faculty and administrators who carry out this mission every dare are its greatest asset. The college actively promotes a culture of learning and self-improvement for everyone on campus and values providing opportunities to its workforce for continual growth and improvement.

College Needs

Enhancement of College Facilities and Programs - Each year the college requests funds from the Foundation for high property needs that the College is unable to fund. These projects will have a strong impact on students and allow the College to enhance its mission of providing education opportunities to everyone.

Brick Campaign

We all want a way to leave our mark on the world. Consider leaving your footprint at Western by purchasing a brick that will stand as a permanent testament in the main courtyard between the new Lunda, Coleman, and Kumm Centers. This is your opportunity to memorialize a friend or loved one; honor a teacher, child or parent; celebrate a special achievement; recognize your business; create a lasting memory of your time on campus; or congratulate a recent graduate. Order your brick today!