High School Educators

High School Educators

Your students know Western is a good choice. Do you?

More and more high school students realize Western has the essential experience they need to get the careers they want.

But what do you know about Western?

  • One of 16 Technical Colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System.
  • 100 years in your community.
  • Nearly one-half million people served in the last 100 years.
  • 30% of area high school seniors attend Western within 3 years of graduating.
  • More than 60 programs of study.
  • Most colleges in the country will accept Western credits.
  • 93% of Western grads are employed within 6 months of graduation.
  • 1,400 Western grads enter the workforce each year: 85% find work in Wisconsin and 75% find work within Western’s 11-county district.
  • $31,054 median starting salary for Western grads – recent surveys indicate that over five years, there’s a 58% increase.
  • 31% of our grads go on to earn additional degrees.
  • Student housing on the La Crosse campus that houses 200 students.
  • Four athletic teams: Women’s volleyball and basketball and Men’s basketball and baseball.
  • Scholarships are provided to nearly 300 students each year.

Group Tours

Interested in bringing a group of students to tour Western? The first Monday and Thursday of each month are scheduled for large group tours on the main campus in La Crosse. Contact Dave Fish fishd@westerntc.edu to schedule your group tour.

Program Shadows

Program shadows are ending for the fall term. You will be able to start scheduling program shadows for the spring term on January 29th .

Transcripted Credit

Transcripted credit is a method for technical colleges and high schools to partner together to deliver seamless instruction to high school students, providing them with the opportunity to enroll in and complete associate degree and technical diploma course work while fulfilling high school graduation requirements. Western Technical College and high schools enter into formal agreements which are reviewed annually.

The transcripted credit course is delivered at the high school by a high school teacher. All outcomes, competencies, grading policies, textbooks (or agreed upon textbooks), and software (if applicable) for the Western course must be followed. Once the course has been approved by Western faculty, a contract is developed between Western and the high school. Students must enroll in and successfully complete the Western course in order to receive credit.

Interested In Offering Transcripted Credit Opportunities To Your Students?

Western currently has transcripted credit agreements with high schools in the career and technical education area but will be working with high school teachers to include general studies (core) courses.

If you are interested in teaching transcripted credit courses, contact Deb Hether, K-12 Relations Manager, to begin the process. hetherd@westerntc.edu or 608.785.9588

Steps for developing an agreement:

  • Identify Western course
  • Meet with Western faculty to discuss course requirements (outcomes and competencies, textbooks, project, and assessments)
  • Create a syllabus that shows how you plan to teach to the outcomes and competencies of the Western course and how you will assess the student learning of these outcomes and competencies (will be transitioning to using WIDS for this)
  • An approved syllabus/course curriculum must be on file before moving on to the certification process

Qualifications for Transcripted Credit Certification

To ensure the highest quality faculty, Western requires all full-time and adjunct faculty teaching credit courses to hold a degree one degree higher than the discipline in which they are teaching. Faculty teaching in general studies must hold a minimum of a master’s degree in the discipline, or a master’s degree in a related discipline with at least 18 graduate credits in the discipline.

High school teachers must meet certification requirements as established by specific instructional areas and the Wisconsin Technical College System. These qualifications include:

  • Must have a current DPI license in the appropriate content area
  • Must hold current licensure required for certification for specific instructional areas
  • Complete a Western Certification Application
  • Transcripted credit certification must be renewed each year for every course a teacher teaches
  • Transcripted credit certification is not transferable between teachers

The chart below details the increase in the number of high schools offering transcripted credit courses from the 2008-09 school year through the 2011-12 school year. Currently, 18 high schools offer transcripted credit for their students.

High Schools with Transcripted Credit Courses 2012-13 High Schools with Transcripted Credit Courses 2011-12 High Schools with Transcripted Credit Courses 2010-11 High Schools with Transcripted Credit Courses 2009-10 High Schools with Transcripted Credit Courses 2008-09
Adams-Friendship Arcadia Black River Falls Black River Falls Logan
Arcadia Bangor Blair-Taylor Central Necedah
Bangor Black River Falls Central De Soto Viroqua
Black River Falls Blair-Taylor De Soto Holmen Whitehall
Blair-Taylor Central Holmen Logan
Central De Soto Independence Necedah
De Soto G-E-T Logan Sparta
G-E-T Holmen Necedah Viroqua
Holmen Logan Sparta Westby
Independence Mauston Tomah Whitehall
Logan Necedah Viroqua
Mauston Onalaska West Salem
Necedah Sparta Whitehall
Onalaska Tomah
Sparta Viroqua
Tomah West Salem
Viroqua Westby
West Salem Whitehall

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing agreements are created between the high school and Western. The high school teacher teaches the course(s) that contain competencies that are recognized as equivalent to those in the technical college course. The course is taught at the high school just like normal. Once students successfully complete the course, they become eligible to receive advanced standing credit when they pursue an associates degree or technical diploma at Western. The student must complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form and mail it to the address provided on the form to receive advanced standing credit. The student must attend Western or another technical college in Wisconsin to receive these credits. Advanced standing needs to be requested during the admission process and prior to registration.

Contact Deb Hether, K-12 Relations Manager, to discuss options for Advanced Standing Agreements. hetherd@westerntc.edu or 608.785.9588

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