High School Corner

High School Corner

Max & Ben’s Manufacturing Adventures

What do two 13 year olds know about manufacturing? Not much until we went on the road with Max and Ben’s Manufacturing Adventures. We found out that “making stuff” can be pretty sweet. We did some welding and metal cutting, and “test drove” motorcycles and a motorized wheelchair. We talked to A LOT of people who work in manufacturing, and learned that there are some pretty awesome people doing some very cool stuff.

High School Students

The essential experience is what you get at Western. You don't just sit at a desk and learn. You get out of your chair and actually do it. Interactive classes and internships get you the skills you need when you graduate. Classes are rarely boring. And they can get you into the work world fast; most programs can be completed in two years or less.

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We also have what you want. Check out the professional development opportunities, articulation agreements, annual report, and event calendar for more information.