News Release

Published on Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Three area businesses have recently completed a Leadership Certificate with Western Technical College in Black River Falls. Badger Mining Corp., D&S Manufacturing, and Regal Beloit have received the specialized training through Western’s Business and Industry Services Division.

Western BIS representatives regularly meet with business leaders to determine training needs and then develop opportunities that could benefit several businesses to help make the training more affordable. Badger Mining Corp., D&S Manufacturing, and Regal Beloit leaders described a need for enhancing employees’ leadership qualities.

“We want to do a better job of preparing our employees for leadership roles within our company. We opened this opportunity up to individuals who were interested in promotional opportunities to a supervisory or other leadership position or who were identified by management as potential future leaders in our organization,” said Sherrie Hein, Human Resource manager at D&S Manufacturing. “Since the training, we have seen personal growth in all of the participants and two of the D&S participants have already received promotions.”

Linda Arzt, training and development associate at Badger Mining Corporation, echoed the importance of the training. “Our associates have been able to apply learning directly in the workplace. This creates a lot of value for our associates and our companies.”

And, in addition to being more affordable, offering the training to more than one business can help in other ways as well. “One of the added benefits was establishing a network with other local businesses,” said Patty McSwain, Human Resource director at Regal Beloit.

“The participants from the three companies have grown together as a team,” added Arzt. “They help and support each other to learn and are improving their knowledge, skills and abilities to be more effective in their positions.”

The collaborative nature of the training also allowed Western to receive funding through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Community-based Job Training Grant. The grant provided 18 credits to the 14 students and covered approximately 50 percent of the entire training program.

For more information on Western’s customized training options, visit or contact Marianne Torkelson at or 715.284.2253.