Clara Haldeman wants to find a pink welding helmet

The one she has now is nice. It's colorful. It's distinctive. But it's not pink. A pink helmet would capture her personality. A pink helmet would let the world know that there's a girl under that helmet.

And that girl loves to weld.

A self-proclaimed girly-girl, Clara seems an unlikely welding student. But after years of tagging along after her dad and spending time in his shop, welding seemed a natural choice. A high school shop class convinced her that she was good enough to pursue welding as a career. And she has.

She chose Western because "it's a really great school and it's a great school for my program." The location is ideal and the small campus size means she doesn't have to walk all around town to get to her classes. "It's easy to find your way around campus."

She loves welding. It's become a passion. "I love everything about it," she says, including her instructors. "The teachers are experienced in their fields and they know what they're talking about."

So is it difficult being the only female in the class. No way, she says. "It has driven me to prove, not only myself, but to other young woman, that being a girl shouldn't slow you down in pursuing your dreams. If you love it, do it! Don't let anything slow you down!"

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