Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Development


Cancellations received five full business days before the course date will receive a full refund. Individuals/companies canceling with less than a two day notice will be responsible for the full fee. In the event of a "no show", payment for services is still required. No credit will be issued for classes dropped on or after the class start date. To withdraw your registration before a class starts, please call 608.785.9232. Western Technical College reserves the right to cancel any seminars due to insufficient enrollments or if conditions beyond our control prevail. If Western Technical College cancels any seminar, participants will receive a full refund. Western Technical College will make every effort to inform students when classes must be cancelled. It is important that student telephone numbers are kept up-to-date in the Registrar's Office. Students will be asked at the first class meeting to provide daytime contact information for last minute class changes. You can also check the web at for campus closing information.

PD & Continuing Education Waiver

Western Technical College assumes no liability for accidents that occur while participating in Professional Development and Continuing Education classes and provides no funds to cover medical costs. Participants are reminded that participation is entirely voluntary and are strongly urged to have their own health insurance. It is understood that participation is voluntary and Western Technical College is not responsible for injuring or accidents and all liability against them is waived.

How do I register and pay?

There are several ways to register and pay for Professional Development and Continuing Education courses, including by phone: 608.785.9232, mail: 319 Seventh Street North, La Crosse, WI 54602, or fax: 608.789.6290. Acceptable payment includes Visa, MasterCard, purchase order, or check.

Is there a minimum age for students in Professional Development & Continuing Education courses?

Generally, students age 17 or older are permitted to register for Professional Development & Continuing Education courses according to standard enrollment procedures. Students under the age of 17 may enroll at the discretion of the Program Director. Please call our office at 608.785.9232 with any questions.

Can I purchase gift certificates for classes?

Gift cards are available for purchase online for a dollar amount that can be applied to a class of the recipient’s choice.

Do you offer multiple participant discounts?

Western Technical College Professional Development and Continuing Education department will offer a 10% discount for companies registering 5 or more participants. Any cancellations in group registrations will be subject to Western Technical College cancellation policy. In the event that a cancellation is made and a company is unable to find an alternate participant, the company will forfeit and be billed for the discounted amount.

Can my employer pay for my course?

We can bill a company or other agency for your continuing education charges. In order to do so, we must receive an Authorization for Payment form from that party, indicating which of your charges (tuition, fees, books, etc.) they are willing to pay. Any charges not covered by the Authorization for Payment are your responsibility.

Can I register for a class that is full?

Some classes have a maximum class size and for specific reasons, that maximum number must be adhered to. For example, a computer course is limited in size by the number of computers available in that classroom. To discuss the particular course you are interested in, contact our office at 608.785.9232. If you wish to be considered for registration in a class that is currently full, you can request to be added to a waiting list by calling 608.785.9232. If an opening becomes available, Western Technical College will email or call you to finalize your registration.

Will I receive a class confirmation?

Confirmation letters are sent out 5-7 days prior to the start of class. Confirmation letters will contain all necessary information regarding your class as well as a parking pass if applicable. Confirmations will be sent via e-mail. Please make sure Western has an updated e-mail address on file at all times. In the event of a missing or incorrect e-mail address, letters will be sent out via the USPS. If you register within 5 days of the class, or you have not received a confirmation letter, please call 608.785.9232.

When is a course canceled?

Western Technical College Professional Development and Continuing Education makes every effort to maintain the schedule of courses as announced in our catalog. However, we reserve the right to cancel courses, change instructors, switch rooms, and combine classes when necessary without previous announcement. If this occurs, you will receive a refund if you do not transfer to a different course or class section. Western Technical College is not bound by printing errors in our publication.

Where can I get directions to my course location?

Directions to your class location are found in the confirmation e-mail/letter sent prior to your class start date. You can also find directions in the course catalog.

How do I get a receipt?

To get a receipt for a course that you have paid for, please contact our office at 608.785.9232. Please have all course information available upon calling.

Books and Supplies

For the certain classes, students are expected to purchase textbooks, and for some classes, other supplies as needed. All textbooks and some supplies are available at the Western Bookstore (Campus Shop), along with a wide selection of Western sportswear and gear. For more information, check out their website. Textbook buyback is available through the Campus Shop and is usually held at the end of the spring and fall semesters. Please check the Campus Shop website for additional information.

How do I receive a transcript?

Transcripts are not available for Continuing Education and Professional Development non-credit courses. Transcripts may be available through your regulating or licensing body if there is a reporting requirement. Certificates of completion will be issued for all Professional Development and Continuing Education courses. These certificates serve as your proof of attendance to your employer or regulating body. You are encouraged to keep your certificate of completion in a safe and secure area. Duplicate certificates can be issued for a fee of $5 and must be paid before the certificate is issued. Requests for duplicate certificates can be made to 608.785.9232.

Building Codes-LaCrosse Campus

  • A=Administrative Center, 111 Seventh Street N
  • B=Business Education Center, 405 Eighth Street N
  • C=Coleman Center, 304 Sixth Street N
  • D=Diesel Shop, 2719 Larson Street
  • H=Health Science Center, 1300 Badger Street
  • K=Kumm Center, 400 Sixth Street N
  • L=Lunda Center, 319 7th Street
  • R=Welcome Center, 400 Seventh Street N
  • T=Applied Technology Center, 325 Eighth Street N
  • ATC=Automotive Technical Center, 2721 Larson Street

Disability Services

Western provides support services for students with documented disabilities. Classroom accommodations are based on individual needs and instructors will be notified of your request for accommodations. To request disability support services, call Disability Services at 608.785.9875 or 608.785.9551 V/TTY.

Western Technical College does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, lack of English skills, arrest or conviction record, political affiliation, marital status, or other protected categories. In its services, employment programs, and/or its educational programs and activities, including but not limited to, admissions, access and participation. The College attempts to be in compliance with all federal laws, including but not limited to, Title IX & Sections 504. Inquiries regarding this non-discrimination policy should be directed to the Equal Opportunity Officer at Western Technical College, PO Box C-0908, La Crosse, WI 54602-0908, telephone 608.785.9166. Western provides reasonable accommodations to assist persons with disabilities to access or participate in its programs or activities.