Criminal Justice Curriculum

Criminal Justice

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 69.00

Please note the Criminal Justice core classes are delivered at the Public Safety Training Center in Sparta, WI.

Spring 2015 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Criminal Justice General Studies
10809122.06Introduction to American Government3.000
Criminal Justice Technical Studies
10504900.13Introduction to Criminal Justice3.000
10504901.13Constitutional Law3.000
10504902.13Criminal Law3.000
10504904.13Juvenile Law3.000
10504909.13Introduction to Corrections3.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Criminal Justice General Studies
10801195.05Written Communication3.000
10809198.07Introduction to Psychology3.000
10804107.12College Mathematics3.000
Criminal Justice Technical Studies
10504907.13Community Policing Strategies3.000
10504908.13Traffic Theory3.000
10504910.13Computer Technology In Law Enforcement3.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Criminal Justice General Studies
10809196.08Introduction to Sociology3.000
Criminal Justice Technical Studies
10504936.14Probation and Parole3.000
10504937.14Correctional Law3.000
10504938.14Correctional Administration3.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Criminal Justice General Studies
10809159.06Abnormal Psychology3.000
Criminal Justice Technical Studies
10504932.14Community / Problem Oriented Policing3.000
10504933.14Law Enforcement Investigative Strategies3.000
10504934.14Police Administration3.000
Approved Alternates
Catalog #CourseCredits
Criminal Justice General Studies
20801201.09English 1 (200 Level Course)3.000
20809203.09Introduction to Sociology (200 Level Course)3.000
20809221.09American National Government (200 Level Course)3.000
20809231.09Introduction to Psychology (200 Level Course)3.000
20809237.10Abnormal Psychology (200 Level Course)3.000
20810201.09Fundamentals of Speech (200 Level Course)3.000