Wood Tech Curriculum

Wood Tech

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 36.00

Summer 2016 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Wood Tech Occupational Support
31804315.14Applied Math 1 - Wood1.000
31804316.14Applied Math 2 - Wood1.000
Wood Tech Occupational Specific
31409311.14Fundamentals of Woodworking2.000
31409323.17Residential Cabinetmaking5.000
31409325.17Commercial Cabinetmaking3.000
31410303.17Fundamentals of Building Construction1.000
31410319.12Blueprint Reading 1 - Building Trades1.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Wood Tech Occupational Support
10410101.17OSHA for Woods1.000
Wood Tech Occupational Specific
10614300.17Building Science1.000
31410321.17Interior Trim 12.000
31410329.12Blueprint Reading 21.000
31410339.12Blueprint Reading 31.000
31410360.17Commercial Systems1.000
31410366.17Framing Tech 13.000
31410389.17Interior Trim 23.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Wood Tech Occupational Specific
31410338.12Estimating Bids and Specifications1.000
31410358.17Framing Tech 25.000
31410368.17Exterior Trim3.000