Practical Nursing Curriculum

Practical Nursing

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 32.00

Summer 2016 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Practical Nursing Occupational Specific
10543101.05Nursing Fundamentals2.000
10543102.05Nursing Skills3.000
10543103.05Nursing Pharmacology2.000
10543104.09Nursing: Intro to Clinical Practice2.000
10806177.07General Anatomy and Physiology (A & P)4.000
10809188.08Developmental Psychology3.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Practical Nursing Occupational Support
10801195.05Written Communication3.000
Practical Nursing Occupational Specific
10543105.05Nursing Health Alterations3.000
10543106.05Nursing Health Promotion3.000
10543107.09Nursing: Clinical Care Across Lifespan2.000
10543108.08Nursing: Intro to Clinical Care Management2.000
Approved Alternates
Catalog #CourseCredits
Practical Nursing Occupational Support
20801201.09English 1 (200 Level Course)3.000
20810201.09Fundamentals of Speech (200 Level Course)3.000