Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician Curriculum

Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 70.00

Spring 2016 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Support
31804334.14Manufacturing Math 11.000
31804335.14Manufacturing Math 21.000
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
31420302.10Blueprint Reading1.000
31420313.10CNC Production Lathe - Operation1.000
31420314.13Machining: Introduction to Machining1.000
31420315.13CNC Production Mill-Operation1.000
31420317.10Machining: Turning Processes3.000
31420318.10Machining: Milling Processes3.000
31420372.13Measurement & Inspection1.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10420105.15Machining for Maintenance3.000
10620112.13Fluid Power Fundamentals2.000
10620144.09Mechanical Drives2.000
10660104.10PC Applications1.000
31414356.15Introduction to Industrial Controls3.000
31660310.15Electricity Basics4.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10442109.15Welding for Maintenance3.000
10620100.15Pumps and Gear Boxes2.000
10660105.15Soldering Fundamentals1.000
10660124.15Electronic Component Applications2.000
31414355.15Analog Feedback Systems2.000
31414373.15Industrial Electronic Maintenance Occupational Skills1.000
31414390.15Introduction to PLC Systems3.000
31414395.15PLC Ladder Logic Fundamentals1.000
31660331.15Intro to Digital Logic1.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10317105.15Food Production Safety2.000
10462100.15Industrial Safety Practices2.000
10620115.15HVACR Analog Systems Maintenance3.000
10620116.15HVACR Industrial Systems Maintenance3.000
10623200.16Lean Production Techniques and Systems2.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Support
31804317.14Applied Math - Welding1.000
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
31442301.12Welding-Oxy Fuel Metals Joining1.000
31442302.04Welding - Fabrication 12.000
31442303.12Welding - Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)2.000
31442306.12Welding - Gas Metal Arc 1 (GMAW)2.000
31442308.12Welding-Blueprint Reading 11.000
31442310.16Welding-Oxy-Fuel Metals Cutting1.000
31442313.12Welding - Shielded Metal Arc 2 (SMAW)2.000
31442315.12Welding - Tungsten Inert Gas 1 (TIG)2.000