Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician Curriculum

Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 63.00

Summer 2016 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Support
31804334.14Manufacturing Math 11.000
31804335.14Manufacturing Math 21.000
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
31420302.10Blueprint Reading1.000
31420313.10CNC Production Lathe - Operation1.000
31420314.13Machining: Introduction to Machining1.000
31420315.13CNC Production Mill-Operation1.000
31420317.10Machining: Turning Processes3.000
31420318.10Machining: Milling Processes3.000
31420372.13Measurement & Inspection1.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10620100.15Pumps and Gear Boxes2.000
10620112.13Fluid Power Fundamentals2.000
10620144.09Mechanical Drives2.000
10660104.10PC Applications1.000
31414356.15Introduction to Industrial Controls3.000
31660310.15Electricity Basics4.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10660106.15Basic Soldering1.000
10660124.15Electronic Component Applications2.000
31414373.15Industrial Electronic Maintenance Occupational Skills1.000
31414390.15Introduction to PLC Systems3.000
31414396.17Digital & PLC Ladder Logic2.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
10601101.11HVACR Refrigeration4.000
10601107.11HVACR Force Air Heating4.000
10601116.11HVACR Electric Motors & Controls4.000
10623200.16Lean Production Techniques and Systems2.000
Catalog #CourseCredits
Manufact Systems Maint Tech Occ Spec
31442301.12Welding-Oxy Fuel Metals Joining1.000
31442302.04Welding - Fabrication 12.000
31442303.12Welding - Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)2.000
31442306.12Welding - Gas Metal Arc 1 (GMAW)2.000
31442308.12Welding-Blueprint Reading 11.000
31442310.16Welding-Oxy-Fuel Metals Cutting1.000
31442313.12Welding - Shielded Metal Arc 2 (SMAW)2.000
31442315.12Welding - Tungsten Inert Gas 1 (TIG)2.000