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Credits Required for Graduation: 66.00

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The Marketing program prepares graduates to work effectively and productively in any business model regardless of size and scope. As the most general of all business majors, the marketing graduate can transition seamlessly into a marketing related field or other core business department. Graduates of the program are employed in a variety of entry-level to mid-level positions in private industry, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. The Marketing program covers all of the functional areas of marketing, including: sales, product management, promotion, and marketing communications. The primary faculty members for the program have direct work experience in sales, management, project management, and entrepreneurship. In addition, they have a combined total of 50 years of teaching experience.

Historical Curriculum


Shelly Wetzsteon - Program Head
Business Education Center, 202G

Pam Culver
Business Education Center, 202D


Western Technical College Student Chapter of WMMA (Wisconsin Marketing & Management Association) - contact Dave Wignes for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the career opportunities available to Marketing Graduates?

With an associate's degree in marketing, a graduate will be able to enter any sales field. The graduate also will be qualified to work in management positions, especially at the retail level. Traditional marketing occupations regarding advertising and promotions also are attainable at an entry level position.

Once I complete my Associate's Degree in Marketing, where could I transfer this degree to further my education?

Having an associate's degree in marketing provides the graduate with many options to further pursue their educational goals and earn a bachelor's degree at several nearby universities.

Western has articulation agreements with a number of higher education institutions that will allow you to transfer some or all or your credits towards a bachelor's program. To review what options are available go to Western's transfer site.

What will my classes be like?

Classes within the marketing program can be taken in many formats. A traditional day-time program is offered for the full- and part-time student. Online classes and night classes are also offered year round to accommodate the working student. Most classes involve projects and real case scenarios that focus on the application of learned content. Emphasis is placed on doing rather than memorizing.

Are there certifications related to the program?

Currently the marketing program offers one certificate. A Marketing certificate (Marketing Principles, Selling Principles and Promotion Principles).

Will there be an orientation for new Marketing students?

Not a specific orientation just for marketing students. The division holds an orientation prior to each semester for all new and transfer students. However, if you're not on the list for the orientation and would like to attend, please contact the division office at 608.785.9168.

How important is it to stay in sequence with the courses that I take each semester?

It is extremely important if you want to complete your program in the shortest amount of time. You need to be careful to follow the curriculum plan that is set up for you or you may end up extending your education one or two extra semesters depending on the courses that are out of sequence. Some courses are prerequisites that you must take before you are able to enroll for other courses. Also, many classes are only offered once a year; therefore, if you miss one, it will put you behind depending on when it's offered. Make sure to meet with your faculty advisor and go through your classes before registration every semester.

Will there be an advisor/counselor available to help me? Yes, we have student advisors for all Business programs:

Barb Fitzsimmons
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Counseling services are available at Western. If you would like to see a counselor please call 608.785.9553 or toll-free 800.322.9982 to schedule an appointment. For more information on counseling services, visit

Will I have a faculty advisor?

Yes, you will have an advisor specific to your program until you graduate. It will be necessary for you to meet with your advisor prior to registration every semester. To find out whom your advisor is, you will need to contact the Business Division Office at 608.785.9168.

What happens if I don't meet the admissions criteria?

Either a counselor or the test evaluator will go over the results with you. If you are unable to get the results right away, you will either be contacted by phone or mail by the Admissions Office. There are many factors that play into what will happen next. You will either be referred to the Instructional Support Services area for developmental work, be required to take other college courses prior to acceptance, or discuss your scores, etc. with a counselor and need to retest. If you don't meet the entrance requirements, you will be placed in program prep status. If you have more questions related to assessment, view the Assessment Center website.

Will I be able to receive Financial Aid?

You will need to discuss that with the Financial Aid office or you can check out the online information at The Financial Aid office is located on the La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center. You can reach them by phone at 608.785.9302.