Landscape Horticulture

Landscape Horticulture

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 66.00

Are you looking for a career that allows, even demands, being outdoors? Are you interested in plants? Are you interested in projects that call for creating, designing, building, and improving outdoor spaces?

Landscape Horticulture provides numerous opportunities for people to be successful in the Green Industry. One of the challenges of being a student in the Landscape Horticulture program at Western Technical College is determining which sector of the Green Industry does one seek for a career? There is such a diversity of opportunities! Here are some general categories that include some typical employment sites.

Landscape Design

Employment in Landscape Design demands the greatest amount of creativity for this profession. Landscape Designers work with clients at the residential, or the commercial level to develop landscape designs that improve the property to fit the desires of the client within the environmental features of the site. After graduation students may work at a Nursery Center, for a Landscape Contractor, or start their own Landscape Design Company.

Go to this website for additional information:
Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction is the builders within the industry. Typically a Landscape Contractor will work from a drawing developed by the Landscape Designer to install landscape features such as retaining walls, pavers patios, water features, rain water harvesting, fences, irrigation systems, as well install the softscape that includes shaping the land and installing the trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, turf grass, and groundcover plants. Graduating students interested in Landscape Construction may be employed by agencies such as Landscape Contractors, City of County Park Systems, University landscape maintenance, or a crew specializing in irrigation, retaining walls, fencing, or paver patios.

Go to these websites for additional information:
Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association
Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance is the strongest section of the industry during times of a slow economy. Landscape Maintenance could involve turf grass management such as mowing, fertilizing, weed controls, and watering. Other tasks that are performed in Landscape Maintenance include: pruning, planting, raking, equipment operation, watering, and mulching. After graduation students in the Landscape Maintenance area may be employed by Landscape Maintenance Contractors, Golf Course maintenance crews, park maintenance crews, or in a specialty area such as turf grass management, Sports Turf Management for collegiate or professional sports teams, or in product sales.

Go to these websites for additional information:
Sports Turf Managers Association
Wisconsin Sports Turf Managers Association
Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association, Park Section

Greenhouse and Garden Centers

Greenhouse growers and Garden Center staff spend a great deal of their time propagating, and caring for plants. Plants such as, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals are grown from seed, cuttings, divisions, or tissue culture reproduction. Graduates in Landscape Horticulture might be employed by greenhouses that specialized in seed propagation, commercial greenhouses, retail greenhouses, florists, or garden centers.

Go to this website for additional information:
The Wisconsin Green Industry Federation

Graduates of the program have entered the profession with a variety of employment locations and opportunities. Graduates have been employed by large commercial landscape management firms, small nursery firms, Engineering firms, professional sports teams, County Park Systems, golf courses, garden centers, landscape contractors, and have been self-employed in starting their own small business.

The Landscape Horticulture program regularly meets with our Professional Advisory Committee to ensure that we are teaching the skills and current topics sought by professionals in the field.

The goal of the Landscape Horticulture program is to graduate students who can:

  • Evaluate landscape construction systems, techniques, and processes.
  • Apply principles of landscape design and knowledge of plant material into landscape design drawings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of plants, including their selection, placement, and planting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of turf grass management.
  • Identification of soils and correcting soil deficiencies.
  • Identifying common landscape pests and provide appropriate control methods, including maintenance.
  • Ensure that sustainability is incorporated into all aspects of horticultural practices and landscape management.

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