Food Production Specialist

Food Production Specialist

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 26.00

Program Overview

Approximately 43 percent of all money spent on food and beverages in the United States is spent on food prepared outside of the home. The food service industry is one of the nation's largest employers.

Food production specialists prepare food in large quantities using commercial equipment such as convection ovens, mixers, steamers, tilting skillets, grills, slicers and fryers.

The Food Production Specialist program involves students in many different food production activities. The program prepares students for positions as pantry workers, bakers, deli workers, assistant cooks, short-order cooks or first cooks, based on students' individual professional goals and abilities.

This competency-based program meets the needs of students with a variety of ability levels. Graduates have the skills, knowledge and experience to qualify for positions in restaurants, supper clubs, health care facilities, resorts, schools, bakeries, delis, fast food businesses and hotels. With the growth in the food production and service industry, career opportunities are excellent.

Satisfactory completion of all courses yields a diploma. However, if a student is unable to complete all courses satisfactorily, she/he may receive a certificate indicating courses completed and competencies met.

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