Degree Progress Report

Degree Progress Report

Disclaimer - Until you are fully accepted and taking the program specific classes, the curriculum is subject to change.

Use your Degree Progress report to assist you as you register for classes related to your program and track your program completion for graduation. You may be taking classes while waiting to get into your program or in a prep status waiting to qualify for your program. Your degree progress (advising transcript) is found in MyWestern in the Student Center.


Prior to your program acceptance, you may take classes from the electives and general education requirements. Only some (depending on your program) occupational supportive and occupational specific classes are available. You will need to check in the schedule of classes if a prerequisite of "acceptance to the program" is listed.

To register, you will need to take the eight-digit number listed on your progress report and find the five-digit class number to register. The class number is what defines when and where the class is offered. The schedule of classes (available on the web and in print) lists the class offerings.