Student Activation Information

Student Activation Information

Withdrawal Policy for Students Called to Active Military Service

Students called to active service during the course of a semester must choose one of the following options before departing for active service:

  • Any student called to active service during the course of a semester may elect to withdraw from the college with a full refund of all academic tuition and segregated fees. Under this circumstance, no course credit and no course grades will be awarded.
  • Students called to active service may elect to take the grade of "Incomplete" in all courses. The time period allowed to satisfy the Incomplete Contracts would not, under this circumstance, begin until the date of released from active service. If choosing an incomplete grade student will need to see the registrar.
  • Students called to active service are guaranteed readmission within 6 months upon the completion of active service.
  • Any questions regarding the above process should be directed to the School Veteran Certifying official.

Policy on Class Absences Due to Military Service

Students shall not be penalized for class absence due to unavoidable or legitimate required military obligations not to exceed two (2) weeks unless special permission is granted by the instructor. Students are responsible for notifying faculty members of such circumstances as far in advance as possible and for providing documentation to the instructor to verify the reason for the absence. The faculty member is responsible to provide reasonable accommodations or opportunities to make up exams or other course assignments that have an impact on the course grade. For absences due to a student being deployed for active duty, please refer to the Active Duty Call-Up Procedure (above).

Activation Check list before you leave:

  • Notify school certifying official and instructors that you have been activated and present the school certifying official with a copy of your orders.
  • Contact your student loan lending institution. It is your responsibility to follow through with any procedure the lender indicates.

Check list When you return:

  • Contact the Certifying Official to determine your eligibility for other VA programs now that you have active duty that might qualify you for more benefits.
  • Contact the registrar when you submit your re-entry application because you have re-enrollment rights within 6 months of your return.
  • Contact your County Veterans Service office.