Federal Benefits

Federal Educational Benefit Programs

The following Federal Educational benefit programs are administered through Western's Veterans Service Office:

Post 9-11 GI Bill (Ch. 33)

  • Your monthly amount is based on Housing Allowance for attending Western is $1064.
  • Monthly amount is paid directly to the student and first payment is made the following month you start school.
  • Pays your Tuition and Fees to the college, pays you up to $1000/year for books/supplies.
  • You must have served on Active Duty AFTER Sept. 11, 2001.

Montgomery GI Bill (Ch. 30)

  • Monthly amount is determined by the Veterans Administration each October 1.
  • Monthly payment is sent directly to you or direct deposit, the month after school starts for the previous month.
  • Cannot charge fees to the MGIB, you must pay for your classes or find an alternative source of payment.
  • Books and supplies are on your own.

VA Vocational Rehabilitation (Ch. 31)

  • Must apply at the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation office. (2125 Heights Drive, Suite 3H, Eau Claire)
  • Pays a *monthly stipend, tuition, fees, supplies and books. (*Have to be enrolled over half time.)
  • They are able to assist with alternative supplies needed for your college education.

Survivors' and Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) (Ch. 35)

  • Receives monthly benefit set by Veterans Administration.
  • Cannot charge fees to this monthly amount.
  • Must have payment when you register.
  • Books and supplies are paid on your own.

Selected Reserve/National Guard Educational Assistance (Ch. 1606)

  • Pays a monthly amount to the soldier.
  • Cannot charge fees to this monthly amount. Must have payment when you register.
  • National Guard soldiers could be eligible for the Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Reimbursement grant and Federal Tuition assistance.
  • This grant reimburses the soldier for their tuition after semester end provided they meet certain criteria.
  • Books and supplies are paid on your own.

Reserve (and National Guard) Education Assistance (REAP) (Ch. 1607)

  • Pays the soldier a monthly amount.
  • Cannot charge fees to this monthly amount. Must have payment when you register.
  • The monthly amount is a percentage based off the Active Duty rate set for Chapter 30.
  • Books and supplies are paid on your own.

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

VRAP offers up to 12 months of training assistance to unemployed Veterans who:

  • Are at least 35 but no more than 60 years old
  • Are unemployed on the date of application
  • Received an other than dishonorable discharge
  • Are not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program (e.g.: the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Assistance)
  • Are not in receipt of VA compensation due to unemployability
  • Are not enrolled in a federal or state job training program

The program is limited to 45,000 participants from July 1, 2012, through September 30, 2012, and 54,000 participants from October 1, 2012, through March 31, 2014. Participants must attend full-time in order to receive up to 12 months of assistance equal to the monthly full-time payment rate under the Montgomery GI Bill–Active Duty program ($1,564 effective October 1, 2012). DOL will offer employment assistance to every Veteran who participates upon completion of the program.

Participants must be enrolled in a VA approved program of education offered by a community college or technical school. The program must lead to an Associate Degree, Non-College Degree, or a Certificate, and train the Veteran for a high demand occupation.

For more information, go to the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) website