Calendar/Timeline of Projects

Calendar/Timeline of Projects

As with any project, there is a timeline for the projects’ beginning and completion. These projects are no different. Planning, design, and construction will be ongoing between now and fall 2016. Below is the tentative timeline for all of the buildings affected by the referendum. Note that these dates are subject to change.

Parking Ramp

Completion date August 2014

Passive House Instructional Facility

Completion date Fall 2014

Hydro Power Station

Completion date Fall 2014

Truck & Heavy Equipment Facility

Completion date September 2014

Kumm Center (lower level)

Completion date August 2014

Coleman Center (north half of building)

Construction June 2014-May 2015

Coleman Center (south half of building)

Planning and design through November 2014
Bidding December 2014
Construction May 2015-May 2016

Integrated Technology Center

Construction June 2014-January 2016

Horticulture Education Center

Planning and Design through Fall 2014
Bidding Fall 2014
Construction through Spring/Summer 2015

Kumm Center (second-fourth floors)

Timeline TBD