Welding Careers

Welding at Western

Western Technical College offers a variety of options to allow those who are interested in Welding to obtain an entry level position or to become a higher-skilled worker. A short -term certificate is a good way to get an entry-level job, then you can work your way up the career ladder and the pay scale by continuing with technical diplomas.

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Welding Student

Welding Skills Institute

The Welding Skills Institute is a 12-week, intensive course covering applied math, blueprint reading, GMAW welding and a few other welding skills, which provide a good basis for an entry level welding applicant. The students receive 4 credits which ladder directly into the welding program. Classes are normally held from 3:00-9:00 p.m., three days a week, but other schedules may also be utilized.

Welding Student

Basic Welding - 1 Term Technical Diploma

The Basic Welding technical diploma provides a beginning skill set for the welding profession. This one-term technical diploma includes oxy/fuel, TIG, SMAW, GMAW, fabrication, and blueprint reading. These skills may lead to some entry-level welding positions. Basic welding is a component of the Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician technical diploma and is the first term of the Welding program. Continued skill development is required for most welding careers.

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Welding Student

Welding - 2 Term Technical Diploma

The Welding program presents a course of study in shielded metal arc, oxy-fuel, gas metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding, as well as theory and practice in accordance with current industry practices.

This comprehensive training program includes the teaching of manipulative skills, beginning with basic operations and followed by a complete series of practices on all types of weld joints in all positions on various metals. The successful application of the welding process requires the correct use of proper tools and equipment. Students learn necessary theory in the classroom and put theory into practice in the shop.

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