Gainful Employment Report

Gainful employment is a set of regulations established by the US Department of Education to protect students at career colleges from becoming burdened by student loan debt by ensuring institutions improve their student outcomes. At Western, this is made possible by disclosing to prospective students and the public in general, reports from our annually administered graduate follow-up survey, which provides information on gainful employment by program.

Related job placement represents the percentage of recent graduates who responded to the annual graduate follow-up survey and are employed in a field related to their Western degree. This does not include the following categories: graduates who did not respond to the survey, graduates who are continuing their education, or graduates who are unemployed.

Graduate Success Report

The Graduate Success Report provides information about placement and the types of jobs Western students secure upon graduation. This information is very useful not just for employers, prospective and current students, but it is also valuable for program and curriculum development. If this information is available for a program, you can find it on the program's web page, under Graduation Employment Stats.