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Western Building Access

All Western buildings are locked and only accessible to students during scheduled in-person class times or by appointment. This reduces the disinfecting requirements and helps minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Screening Checkpoints

Students and employees are required to complete a screening process prior to entering any Western facility. These processes may change, depending upon the phase of our return to campus, new guidelines, and available technology.

For the current process, see the Screening Procedures.

For a list of designated entrances to buildings, see Screening Locations. These entrances will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to the first class of the day. Please be aware that all other entrances will be locked.

Face Masks 

Everyone on campus must wear a proper face mask when in proximity to others. Masks are helpful in reducing viral spread because they capture larger respiratory droplets and keep fine or even aerosol (lighter, smaller) virus particles from spreading by reducing the distance exhaled breaths, coughs, or sneezes travel. See how to properly wear a face mask.


  • You are encouraged to bring your own proper face mask, if you have one. 
  • Masks are required to be worn indoors whenever more than one person is present in the same shared space (e.g. office, elevator, vehicle, breakroom, hallway, or restroom).
  • Wash your hands prior to putting on a masks, and prior to removing, touching or adjusting the mask.
  • Non-disposable, cloth masks should be washed regularly (daily) after use with detergent in hot water or rinsed with soap and place in water that is at least 140 degrees for 5 minutes.
  • If you have a condition which makes wearing a mask difficult, you can request an accommodation through our Access Services department. Contact Kris Follansbee at follansbeek@westerntc.edu

Social Distancing

Maintaining social distancing is one of the most important ways to reduce the risk of infection. You should maintain at least a six-foot distance from others at all times. The capacity of classrooms and service areas will be reduced to ensure that adequate distancing is possible.

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