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Competency-Based Education

Western is offering a unique opportunity to earn a Precision Machining and Programming Technical Diploma or CNC Operator Certificate through Competency-Based Education (CBE). 

What is CBE?

Competency-Based Education (CBE) provides the support and flexibility busy adults need to earn a degree. Not all learners are the same, just as not all learning fits in a rigid timetable.

However long it takes to master the coursework is unique to you. Progress through the program as you demonstrate your competency when you are ready. Once all competencies are complete and assessed, you will have your diploma or certificate.

Benefits of CBE

CBE programs are perfect for those already in the workforce who need credentials or additional skills, as well as for those who already have college credit and are looking to move up the career ladder.

Earning a degree through Western’s CBE has many advantages:

  • Meets industry standards.
    CBE is unique in that course competencies align directly with industry standards. This means the competencies learned are employable skills valued in the workforce.
  • Multiple start dates.
    Begin any term, or even in the middle of a term.
  • Choose your pace.
    As you master a competency, receive your credit and move forward. Progress quickly through the material you know and take more time when it’s needed.
  • Supportive environment.
    Your pace is your own, but you are not alone. Receive personalized advising from an instructor who is with you from start to finish. They ensure you have access to the resources you need for success.
  • Mix of hands-on and online learning.
    All competencies are demonstrated and assessed in our lab spaces. Complete your theory coursework from anywhere—minimal commuting.
  • Flexible schedule.
    Coursework won’t get in the way of your busy life. There are no scheduled log-on times and no pre-set testing dates.
  • Affordable and financial aid eligible.
    A CBE course costs the same as any online course.
  • Credit for Prior Learning may apply.
    Find out about getting credit for what you already know through our CPL process.

Next Steps

For more information about CBE at Western, contact:

Joshua Gamer or 608-386-4972

Wendy Brownell or 608-785-9172