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College Advisor Assignments

Click your advisor's name to schedule an appointment with them. If you'd rather contact them via phone or email, you can find their photos and contact information on the main College Advisors page.

Not sure how to use the scheduling system? Check out the instructions listed below.

Program  College Advisor
3D Design and Prototyping Sue Kirscher 
Accounting Darcy McCallson
Accounting Assistant Darcy McCallson
Administrative Professional Melissa Chandler
Agri-Business Science Technology Sue Kirscher 
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Sue Kirscher 
Architectural Technology Sue Kirscher 
Associate of Arts University Transfer - Last Names A-L Lisa Yang
Associate of Arts University Transfer - Last Names M-Z Ku Thao
Associate of Science University Transfer - Last Names A-L Lisa Yang
Associate of Science University Transfer - Last Names M-Z Ku Thao
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technical - Level 1 Sue Kirscher 
Automotive Technician Sue Kirscher
Basic Machining Sue Kirscher 
Basic Welding Sue Kirscher 
Building Construction and Cabinet Making Sue Kirscher 
Building Science & Energy Management Sue Kirscher 
Business Analyst Melissa Chandler
Business Management  Darcy McCallson
Business Requirements Specialist Melissa Chandler
Business Specialist Darcy McCallson
Cabinetmaking Sue Kirscher 
CNC Operator Sue Kirscher
CNC Programmer Sue Kirscher
CNC Setup Sue Kirscher
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician Sue Kirscher 
Computerized Accounting Sarah Jackson
Criminal Justice Margaret Ho
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement 720 Academy Margaret Ho
Customer Service Representative Melissa Chandler
Dental Assistant Margaret Ho
Desktop Publishing Sarah Jackson
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Sue Kirscher
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant Sue Kirscher
Digital Content Specialist Melissa Chandler
Digital Marketing Melissa Chandler
Digital Marketing Specialist Melissa Chandler
Digital Media Production Sarah Jackson
Early Childhood Education Lisa Yang
Early Childhood Professional Lisa Yang
ECE: Professional Development Lisa Yang
Educational Assistant Lisa Yang
Electromechanical Maintenance Technician Sue Kirscher 
Electromechanical Technology Sue Kirscher 
Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET Sue Kirscher 
Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced Margaret Ho
Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Margaret Ho
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Margaret Ho
Engineering Pathway Lisa Yang
Entrepreneurship Certificate Melissa Chandler
Farm Business & Production Management Sue Kirscher 
Financial Services Melissa Chandler
Financial Services Representative  Melissa Chandler
Fire Protection Technician Margaret Ho
Food Industry Aid Melissa Chandler
Food Preparation Assistant Melissa Chandler
Food Production Specialist Melissa Chandler
Foundations in Leadership Melissa Chandler
Foundations of Teacher Education Lisa Yang
Framing and Construction Sue Kirscher 
Graphic Design Sarah Jackson
Health Information Technology Stacey Nelson
Health Office Assistant Melissa Chandler
Health Office Professional Melissa Chandler
Healthcare Electronics Technician Sue Kirscher
Healthcare Technology Management Sue Kirscher 
Horticultural Plant Health Care Sue Kirscher 
Hospitality Management Melissa Chandler
Human Resource Management Melissa Chandler
Human Resources Melissa Chandler
Human Services Associate MicahMarie McCann
Individualized Tech Studies  Kim Panzer
Industrial Machine Controls Sue Kirscher 
Interior Design Sue Kirscher 
IoT Integration Specialist Sue Kirscher
IT-Computer Support Specialist Sarah Jackson
IT-Computer Support Technician Sarah Jackson
IT-Cybersecurity and Network Administration Sarah Jackson
IT-Network Technician Sarah Jackson
IT-Web & Software Developer Sarah Jackson
Journeyworker Kim Panzer
Landscape Horticulture Technician Sue Kirscher 
Leadership & Supervision Professional Melissa Chandler
Leadership Development Melissa Chandler
Legal Studies/Paralegal Melissa Chandler
Legal Studies/Paralegal Post Baccalaureate Melissa Chandler
Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician Sue Kirscher 
Marketing Certificate Melissa Chandler
Marketing Management Melissa Chandler
Mechanical Design Technology Sue Kirscher 
Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering Technology Sue Kirscher 
Medical Administrative Professional Melissa Chandler
Medical Assistant - Last names A-H Deb Kaiser
Medical Assistant - Last names I-O Ku Thao
Medical Assistant - Last names P-Z Stacey Nelson
Medical Coding Specialist Stacey Nelson
Medical Lab Technician Margaret Ho
Nursing - Last names A-H Deb Kaiser
Nursing - Last names I-O Ku Thao
Nursing - Last names P-Z Stacey Nelson 
Nursing - LPN to ADN Stacey Nelson 
Nursing Assistant - Last names A-H Deb Kaiser
Nursing Assistant - Last names I-O Ku Thao
Nursing Assistant - Last names P-Z Stacey Nelson 
Occupational Therapy Assistant Margaret Ho
Office Support Specialist Melissa Chandler
Paramedic Technician Margaret Ho
Phlebotomy Margaret Ho
Physical Therapist Assistant Margaret Ho
Precision Machining & Programming Sue Kirscher 
Radiography Margaret Ho
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician Sue Kirscher 
Respiratory Therapy Deb Kaiser
Robotic Programming Sue Kirscher 
Sales Fundamentals Melissa Chandler
Sales Management Melissa Chandler
Sales Representative Melissa Chandler
Soft Skills Melissa Chandler
Solar Installation Technician Sue Kirscher 
Supervision in Criminal Justice Margaret Ho
Surgical Technology Deb Kaiser
Web Design Sarah Jackson
Welding & Fabrication Sue Kirscher 

Scheduling Appointments

If you are not a currently enrolled student, please reach out to an Admissions Coach to learn more about how to get started at Western.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a College Advisor, please complete the following steps:

  1. Create an account in Western's Online Dashboard. (This step will only need to be completed once.)
  2. Provide your first name, last name, and personal email address and press submit.
  3. To create your password click on the link sent to your personal email address.
  4. Once you've created your account, click the schedule link above for the College Advisor you want to meet with.
  5. Login using the email address and password created in step one.