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The Frontline Services course is the first rung of a laddered approach to prepare you for a career in sales or customer service. As the name suggests, this one-term, two-course certificate program teaches the skills that help you represent a business or service. You’ll learn customer service and problem-solving, professionalism, and the basics of marketing and finance in preparation for roles in which first impressions matter: receptionist, retail sales, and counter clerk.

Completion of the course puts you on the path to a certificate in Customer Service and technical diploma in the Sales Representative Program, which can lead to an associate’s degree if you choose. Either way, you’ll be developing the skills that employers value.

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Estimated Program Costs

Estimated Program Cost

Frontline Services Pathway Certificate

This program will cost about $900* based on tuition and basic program fees. There may be additional fees for books, materials, and testing. For more information on tuition costs, visit the Tuition Page.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Graduation Employment Stats

Graduation Employment Stats

Western conducts a follow-up survey of all grads six months after graduation to find out if they are employed in a job related to their program, how much they are making, and where they are employed.

Survey information is not currently available for this program. Please contact Enrollment Services or call 608-785-9553 for more information.

Career Opportunities

Customer Service Representative
Sales Clerk

Admission Requirements

College Requirements

$30 Application Fee

Career Pathways

This program is part of a career pathway, a laddered approach to career education. It allows you to earn employer-recognized credentials that lead to job and career advancement.

Frontline Services Pathway Certificate

Career Pathways

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