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Graduates of the Gerontology associate's degree program have the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality service to older adults and their families. Gerontology career pathways include a wide variety of service and leadership opportunities related to business and finances; housing options; entertainment and travel; health and wellness; case coordination; public policy and advocacy; and consumer service.

This is a shared program with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). Students can enroll in 46 credits at Western and complete the remaining 23 credits online through NWTC.

Admission to the Gerontology program is handled by NWTC. To apply to this program, please complete NWTC's application process.

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Estimated Program Costs

Estimated Program Cost


This program will cost about $10,000* based on tuition and basic program fees. There may be additional fees for books, materials, and testing. For more information on tuition costs, visit the Tuition Page.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Additional materials and supplies will cost about $2,550**.

** Costs may not include books or all materials and supplies.

Graduation Employment Stats

Graduation Employment Stats

Western conducts a follow-up survey of all grads six months after graduation to find out if they are employed in a job related to their program, how much they are making, and where they are employed.

Survey information is not currently available for this program. Please contact Enrollment Services or call 608-785-9553 for more information.

Career Opportunities

Direct Service Provider
Program Planner and Evaluator
Marketing and Product Development Professional
Life Enrichment Provider
Environmental Designer
Financial Management/Legal Support Service Provider/Guardian

Program Outcomes

  • Use effective communication skills
  • Apply mathematical concepts
  • Transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications
  • Demonstrate ability to think critically
  • Demonstrate ability to value self and work ethically with others in a diverse population
  • Use technology effectively
  • Make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability
  • Provide recommendations for successful aging and optimal quality of life
  • Evaluate physical, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of aging
  • Identify and refer older adults to needed services
  • Exhibit behaviors and conduct that reflect safe, legal, and ethical gerontological practices
  • Evaluate and advocate in the area of aging public policy
  • Exhibit professional communication
  • Develop ethical and cultural awareness related to aging
  • Plan, develop, implement and deliver appropriate activities to meet physical, social, psychological needs of the aging population
  • Create a personal professional development plan
  • Incorporate evidence-based gerontology practices into delivery of services
  • Implement activities to meet the needs of the aging population

Admission Requirements

College Requirements

$30 Application Fee
High School transcript or GED/HSED

Program Requirements

Western Technical College uses ACCUPLACER, a computer-based, online assessment that measures your abilities in writing/sentence skills, reading comprehension, and arithmetic. This information will be used to place you in courses that best fit your academic goals. Based on your scores, you may need to take additional general studies course(s) along with the general studies courses required for your program.

Several options for waiving the ACCUPLACER test are available; view the exemptions here.

Learn more about placement tests and how they are used at Western: Placement Testing.

Additional Information

View the Gerontology Curriculum Agreement developed by Western and NWTC.

Learn more about the Gerontology Pathway.

Visit NWTC's Gerontology Program Page for more information.

Career Pathways

This program is part of a career pathway, a laddered approach to career education. It allows you to earn employer-recognized credentials that lead to job and career advancement.


Career Pathways

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