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Corrected Dates for Student Planner

If you purchased a 2016-17 Student Planner/Handbook from the Campus Shop bookstore, please note that there were errors in the calendar section. Some events may be listed on two dates or the incorrect date.

The following are the correct dates:

Tuesday, Sept. 6 - Fall Credit Classes Begin (not Saturday, Aug. 6)
Thursday, Sept. 8 - Last Chance to Sell Used Textbooks, 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Campus Shop (not Wednesday, Sept. 9)
Thursday, Oct. 13 - National Student Day (not Thursday, Oct. 6)
Friday, Oct. 21 - Fall Tuition Due
Tuesday, Dec. 20 - Rental Books Due - Last Day to Return!
Monday, Jan. 9 - Spring Credit Classes Begin (not Thursday, Jan. 19)
Friday, Feb. 24 - Spring Tuition Due
Monday, April 24 - Summer 2017 Book Charging Starts (not Tuesday, April 4)
Friday, May 19 - Financial Aid Summer Census (not Thursday, May 18)
Friday, May 19 - Summer 2017 Book Charging Ends (not Saturday, May 20)