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Western to Host Farmland Prevention Program

Farm Business and Production Management

LA CROSSE, Wis., Sept. 22, 2016 – The Farmland Preservation Program offers a tax credit to landowners of $7.50 per acre on all acres if you meet some basic requirements. All farms in La Crosse County may be eligible for the tax credit if they have a current nutrient management plan and farmland preservation agreement.

Landowners have two options for completing a nutrient management plan – hire a private consultant that is a certified crop advisor or take a class to learn to write their own plan. Those interested in writing their own plans, or finding out more about the Farmland Preservation Tax Credit, can attend a free meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 29, at 1:00 p.m. at the Hazel Brown Leicht Memorial Library in West Salem.

The Farm Business and Production Management program at Western Technical College will be presenting this class and discussing an upcoming class for people interested in writing their own nutrient management plan using a free computer program, SnapPlus.   

SnapPlus is Wisconsin’s nutrient management planning software. The program helps farmers make the best use of their on-farm nutrients, as well as make informed and justified fertilizer purchases. By calculating potential soil and phosphorus runoff losses on a field-by-field basis while assisting in the economic planning of manure and fertilizer applications, SnapPlus provides Wisconsin farmers with a tool for protecting soil and water quality. The new and improved version of SnapPlus is user friendly and has many features that farmers may find useful when making cropping decisions. 

For more information or to register for the Sept. 29 class, contact the Farm Business and Production Management team at Western Technical College: Brad Sirianni at 715-533-8081, Aimee Finley at 507-273-7722, or Dona Goede at 608-317-1488.