Online Transfer Pathways

Start online...finish online! These higher-level general education courses lead to certificates and guaranteed transfer opportunities.

University Studies Certificate

This one-year, 36-credit Western Technical College certification allows you to transfer directly, as a sophomore, into Viterbo University’s Associate of Arts or Science degree program – with the option of continuing on to Viterbo’s bachelor’s degree program.
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Or stay with Western for two more semesters and achieve an:

Advanced University Studies Certificate

This two-year, 61-credit certification transfers directly, with junior status, into an online bachelor’s degree program in leadership and administration at either the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay or the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.
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Saves Time

Western has developed two streamlined, fast-paced certificate programs in partnership with Viterbo University and the University of Wisconsin, so we’ve ensured that all of your credits will transfer, guaranteed. Every credit you earn through Western is time well-spent. And you can earn the credentials online so you can fit classes into your busy schedule.

Saves Money

Start at Western and save tuition dollars. The savings really add up! 

University Studies Certificate:

Save over $3,300 by starting at Western and transferring as a sophomore to Viterbo University.

Advanced University Studies Certificate:

Save over $11,500 by starting at Western and transferring as a junior to UW-Oshkosh OR
Save over $6,800 by starting at Western and transferring as a junior to UW-Green Bay

Provides Personal Attention and Support

Technical colleges specialize in supporting and assisting students of all backgrounds and ages. Tutoring, “brush-up” courses, and one-on-one assistance are all part of the technical college experience.

Western’s online/accelerated and weekend/blended University Pathways Program features:

  • Outstanding, experienced faculty members highly trained in delivering quality online and blended courses
  • A streamlined online format that is easy to use
  • Intensive, personalized advising – you receive assistance from enrollment advisors and academic counselors who stay with you throughout the program and help you succeed
  • Peer cohorts – you learn within a mutually supportive group


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