Counseling Services

Counseling Services

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Attending college can be stressful. We can help!

We provide comprehensive counseling services to students that are in some form of transition in their lives. Our training and background allows us to effectively navigate their complex personal, academic and career barriers to positively affect their classroom and future workplace success. We provide a full spectrum of services including crisis intervention, consultation with administration, faculty, staff, and parents (within confidentiality guidelines), support of mental health issues, developing healthy choices, course instruction, coordination grant activities as well as general support of the college on all levels. For career counseling, we understand the holistic nature of career decision making in that it affects all aspects of our lives. As trained professionals, we feel comfortable with this holistic approach to personal/professional growth from interpreting assessments to decision making to creating a career/life plan. However, at its core, the true value of counseling is difficult to quantify. It may not be until someone themselves (or someone they care about) needs counseling help before the value of counseling is truly understood.

If you'd like to arrange a visit with a counselor, simply call our Welcome Center at 1.800.322.9982 and request a counseling appointment.

Personal Counseling

Counseling provides an opportunity for students to learn to make better choices, improve interpersonal skills, gain confidence and increase educational effectiveness through the development of an individualized plan.
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Academic Counseling

Western counselors can also help students navigate their educational experience. In this role, they may assist students with Determining an appropriate credit load, Exploring transfer opportunities, Addressing test anxiety issues and much more.
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Adults in Transition

Western understands how difficult it can be to transition to or back to college as an adult. We provide services for all adults including dislocated workers, displaced homemakers, and single parents...
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ATODA (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Addictions)

Students who are concerned about their own or a friend or family members alcohol, tobacco or drug use may receive consultation, assessments, short term counseling, or referral services to community resources to help address their issues.
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Career Counseling

Some students may start college not knowing what career path they may want to pursue. Others may find that their career interests have changed.
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Relationship Violence Prevention/Student Advocacy

Free and confidential services are available to students seeking assistance regarding relationship violence, stalking, and sexual assault. This resource can help you make decisions and seek out the help you need in order to feel safe.
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