News Release

Published on Friday, February 13, 2009

Western Technical College’s Business and Industry Services Division is offering a series of five seminars devoted to the leadership topics. The seminars, collectively called “Lessons in Leadership,” will be held four Thursdays in March from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. on the La Crosse Campus.

Thursday, March 5, “Silents and Boomers,” will help participants discover the impact of the Silent Generation (those born between 1923 and 1943) and the Baby Boom Generation on the workplace and how to interact most effectively with each of them.

Thursday, March 12, “X’ers and Millennials,” continues the generation discussion to include Generation X and the Millennials. Seminar covers how to tap into the strengths of these younger employees and enhance your workplace with their influence.

Thursday, March 19, “Bridging the Gap between Generations,” provides more information on each of the four generations that can be part of today’s workforce.

Thursday, March 26, “Motivating Your Diverse Generational Workforce,” will detail several ways to tap into the motivators of each of the generations.

Cost is $29 per session and includes lunch. To register, contact the Business and Industry Services Division at 608.785.9232 or e-mail For details on this and other seminars, visit