News Release

Published on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mao Kong, of La Crosse, has been selected as the 2011-2012 Western Technical College Student Ambassador, an official spokesperson for Western and the Wisconsin Technical College System.

As Student Ambassador, Kong will have opportunities to speak to potential students, community leaders, community groups, and others, and will spotlight the important role of technical and occupational education to the economy and society. In addition, she will represent Western at the state level by working with other student ambassadors throughout the WTCS.

Kong is a second-year Nursing-Associate Degree student at Western. As a parent, Kong understands the struggles of many technical college students who balance a busy home life, work, and school.

“I’m passionate and excited about the opportunity that Western offers to students. It’s affordable and encourages students to challenge themselves for a brighter future,” said Kong. “I know that enrolling at Western sets a good example for my daughter. It will teach her the importance of education and what she can do to help herself in the future.”

Kong is also passionate about community involvement, as is evidenced by her long list of activities in the La Crosse area. Highlights include serving as the multicultural coordinator for the C.L.O.V.E.R. project for violence prevention, a multicultural advocate for the La Crosse Police Department’s Domestic Abuse Reduction Team, and a Hmong interpreter for La Crosse County Family Court Services. On campus, she works with Western’s Instructional Support Services division and violence prevention specialist to promote services to Hmong students.

“Extracurricular involvement is crucial because we are responsible to do our part to build a stronger community,” said Kong. “I believe in giving back to the community with the abilities I have acquired, and I will continue that after I graduate with my nursing degree from Western.”

“The State Ambassador Program recognizes and rewards excellence among technical college students, and Mao is very deserving of this honor,” said Shelley McNeely, program coordinator at Western. “Her appreciation for technical education and her commitment to paying it forward make her an excellent representative for the college and the system.”

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