News Release

Published on Thursday, September 29, 2005

Business computer systems can be vulnerable to “hacker attacks.” These attacks can range from harmless to identity thefts, or even attempts to steal company secrets to gain a competitive edge. Western Wisconsin Technical College (WWTC), in conjunction with the Tri-State Area Technology Group (TSATG), is offering a course on how to trace a hacker and collect evidence for authorities.

The two-day class, Incident Response and Forensics, is designed for computer network and system administrators. It will be held Friday, Oct. 14 and Friday, Oct. 21, from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. in Room 205 of WWTC’s Business Educations Center, 405 8th St. N.,
La Crosse.

Participants will learn how to build their own Incident Response Toolkit, a set of utilities used to capture unauthorized users. They will also learn how and where to look for evidence on a Windows 2000 system as well as some common sense techniques for isolating a system and preserving the evidence for an offline analysis.

The instructor, Randall W. Miller, has served in the Navy working with cryptography and communications. He has an AAS in Computers and Digital Electronics from Dunwoody Institute and has done systems and network administration in both Windows and (multi-flavor) UNIX environments for various clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mr. Miller currently works as a government contractor for the Army Reserve doing research, development, and instruction for courses in computer network defense.

Cost for the class is $225. To register, contact Colleen Clark at 608.785.9232 or e-mail by Oct. 7. For information on additional WWTC programs and services, call 608.785.9200 or visit the WWTC Web site at