News Release

Published on Friday, February 17, 2006

Governor Jim Doyle recently announced a Wisconsin Technical College System Workforce Advancement Training Grant award of $21,979 to Western Wisconsin Technical College and CenturyTel’s regional and local operations.

The funding is part of nearly $300,000 in Workforce Advancement Training grants from the Wisconsin Technical College System that will be used to train workers throughout Wisconsin. The WWTC grant will provide 47 CenturyTel employees with 280 hours of training, focusing on Information Technology skills for service technicians and IT professionals.

“As technology moves toward software-based transmissions, routers and systems, CenturyTel's opportunity for Workforce Training enhances our ability to provide the advanced telecommunications services of wireless Internet, data networks, Voice Over Internet Protocol, video, data security, and IP address services,” said CenturyTel Area Operations Manager Dan Braund. “Essentially, it will improve our ability to meet our business and residential customer needs. Our staff will gain the lifelong skills, knowledge, and wisdom needed to benefit our growing 7 Rivers Region communities. We are thankful to the State of Wisconsin and Western Wisconsin Technical College for this investment in incumbent workers.”

“We are thrilled to receive this support from the state,” said WWTC President Lee Rasch. “This investment will help us in our mission to develop partnerships that improve the economic vitality and quality of life in Western Wisconsin.”

The grant will be managed through WWTC’s Business and Industry Services division, which specializes in customized training aimed at increasing productivity and profitability through employee skill development. For more information about WWTC programs and services for business and industry, please call 608.785.9232 or visit the WWTC Web site at