News Release

Published on Friday, March 16, 2007

As part of a class project, students in the Accounting program at Western Technical College will be holding an original product sale on Monday, April 2. The sale will be held from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. outside the cafeteria in the Kumm Center, 400 6th St. N., La Crosse.

Each year, students in the Cost Accounting course are divided into teams and asked to develop their own businesses by applying the skills they have learned in class. The students are then asked to implement their business and record their success. The sale of merchandise is one of the final stages of the project, but is critical to determining the overall success of the team.

This year, there are a variety of products ranging in price from $5 to $15. The following is a listing of the teams and the products they have created to sell:

• Decorative Memories will feature 4x6 decorated frames.

• Specialty Brownies will serve-up homemade brownies.

• Lighting Accents will be selling unique illuminated wine bottles.

• Breezy Beach Gel Candles will offer clean burning and environmentally friendly candles.

The event is open to the public. For additional information about the products, sales, or student businesses, please call 608.785.9268.

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