Farm, Business & Production Management Curriculum

Farm, Business & Production Management

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 15.00

Spring 2016 Curriculum

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Catalog #CourseCredits
Farm Bus Production Mgt Occ Specific
30090323.05Soils Management3.000
30090333.94Crop Management3.000
30090343.04Farm Records & Analysis3.000
30090363.01Livestock Nutrition3.000
30090373.03Livestock/Farmstead Equipment Management3.000
Approved Alternates
Catalog #CourseCredits
Farm Bus Production Mgt Occ Specific
30090325.11Environmental Interactions in Agriculture3.000
30090327.11Strategies in Farm System Data Management3.000
30090335.11Farm Commodities Marketing3.000
30090337.11Applying Commodity Marketing Fundamentals3.000
30090345.11Preparation for Farm Business Analysis3.000
30090347.11Computer Applications in Farm Management3.000
30090365.11Introduction to Farm Commodities Marketing3.000
30090367.11Application of Productive Enterprise Information3.000
30090375.11Using Financial Instruments in Farm System Management3.000
30090377.11Using Systems Analysis in Total Farm Planning3.000