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Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management program prepares graduates to work effectively in mid-level management careers and as administrative management specialists. Graduates of the program are employed in a variety of entry-level positions in private industry, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies.

The Human Resource Management program covers all of the functional areas of HR, including: employment law, safety, training, compensation, benefits, staffing, and international HR.

The primary faculty members are both certified by the Human Resource Certification Institute with one earning the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and the other earning Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation, the highest certification in the field. In addition, they have a combined total of 29 years of HR work experience and 8 years of teaching experience.

Historical Curriculum


Sue Horne, PHR
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204B

Lori Olson, SPHR
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204E

Program Head:

Lori Olson, SPHR
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204E


Western Technical College Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) - contact Sue Horne or Lori Olson for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some career opportunities available to Human Resource Graduates?

Training Coordinator, Staffing Coordinator, HR Manager, Diversity and Compliance Assistant, Human Resource Supervisor, Health & Safety Coordinator, Human Resource Director, Human Resource Assistant, Benefits Manager, Communications Officer, Consultant, Government Services Manager, Human Resource Specialist, Human Resource Generalist, Recruiter, Service Organization Manager, Labor Relations Manager and many more.

Once I complete my Associate Degree in Human Resource Management, where could I transfer this degree to further my education? Western has articulation agreements with a number of higher education institutions that will allow you to transfer some or all of your credits towards a bachelor's program. To review what options are available to you visit the following site:

What will my classes be like?

The class sizes are small, with usually with no more than twenty students. Some of the introductory courses will involve examinations based on readings. However, many of the courses are based on the "hands-on" approach to learning. You will learn to perform human resource duties by working on team and individual projects, with assistance from the instructor.

Will there be an orientation for new Human Resource Management students?

Not a specific orientation just for Human Resource Management students. The division holds an orientation prior to fall and spring classes for all new and transfer students. However, if you're not on the list for the orientation and would like to attend, please contact the division office at 608.785.9168.

How important is it to stay in sequence with the courses that I take each semester?

It is extremely important, if you want to complete your program in the shortest amount of time. You need to be careful to follow the curriculum plan that is set-up for you or you may end up extending your education one or two extra semesters depending on the courses that are out of sequence. Some courses are prerequisites that you must take before you are able to enroll for other courses. Also, many classes are only offered once a year therefore if you miss one it will put you behind depending on when it's offered. Make sure to meet with your faculty advisor and go through your classes before registration every semester.

Will there be an advisor/counselor available to help me?

Yes, we have student advisors for all Business programs:

Barb Fitzsimmons
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Counseling services are available at Western.

If you would like to see a counselor contact one of the following:

Brent Brigson
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Lori Mohring
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Richard Kotovich
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Maria Strong
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Will I have a faculty advisor?

Yes, you will have an advisor specific to your program until you graduate. It will be necessary for you to meet with your advisor prior to registration every semester. To find out whom your advisor is you will need to contact the Business Division Office at 608.785.9168.

What happens if I don't meet the admissions criteria?

Either a counselor or the test evaluator will go over the results with you. If you are unable to get the results right away, you will either be contacted by phone or mail by the Admissions Office. There are many factors that play into what will happen next. You will either be referred to the Instructional Support Services area for developmental work, be required to take other college courses prior to acceptance or discuss your scores, etc. with a counselor and need to retest. If you don't meet the entrance requirements you will be placed in program prep status. If you have more questions related to assessment, refer to the following web address:

Will I be able to receive Financial Aid?

You will need to discuss that with the Financial Aid office or you can check out the online information at The Financial Aid office is located on the La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center. You can reach them by phone at 608.785.9302.


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Essential Functions (Typical Duties):

  • Responsible for maintaining all company policies and enforcement of policies.
  • Responsible for company procedures relating to recruiting, transfers, promotions, terminations, investigations and corrective action of plant personnel. Also conducting exit interviews.
  • Responsible for recruiting, interviewing and the selection process.
  • Responsible for orientation, training and retention of all employees. This includes employee training programs.
  • Safety responsibilities include: Active Safety Action Team member and Worker's Compensation administration.
  • Responsible for benefits administration.
  • Responsible for performance appraisal program and wage administration.
  • Responsible for AAP/EEO plans and ensuring those AAP/EEO goals are met.
  • Responsible for advising the plant manager and management team of all human resource related issues.
  • Responsible for supervision of the Human Resources support staff.
  • Maintaining employee personnel records.
  • Coordinate all employee functions and plant activities: Ex. luncheons, employee recognition programs, Appreciation Day, etc.
  • Establish employee and community relations.
  • Develops and executes comprehensive recruitment strategies tailored to meet company needs.
  • Implements tools and process enhancements that streamline and increase the effectiveness of the recruiting process.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with outside recruiting agencies and identifies niche job boards/creative methods for attracting top talent.
  • Assists the management team and Human Resources Consultants in identifying and evaluating recruitment needs; reviews all Job Requisition Forms and Job Description Questionnaires submitted by managers.
  • Posts all positions on the HR Online system.
  • Manages the internal posting and hiring process for current employees; interviews internal candidates and works with the hiring manager to arrange for transfers and/or promotions.
  • Develops and places all external advertisements with preapproved language and descriptions using applicable media (e.g., Internet, newspapers, magazines, store signs, recruiters).
  • Manages the applicant tracking system (ATS); enters jobs into the ATS, reviews the resume pool, screens out unqualified candidates, and tracks qualified candidates' progress.
  • Schedules and conducts phone screens with the first round of potential candidates, using the Telephone Interview Guide; provides the most qualified candidates to the hiring managers.
  • With the management team, conducts in-person interviews with the narrowed pool of potential candidates, using the Interview Guide.
  • Gathers interview team feedback through Candidate Evaluation Forms completed by each interviewee; facilitates the decision-making process for the final hire.
  • Conducts reference checks on candidates considered for hire, using the Applicant Reference Check Form.
  • Communicates offer details to candidates verbally and, if accepted, in writing through a formal offer letter; coordinates post-offer, pre-employment drug tests with candidates.
  • Notifies non-selected finalists that the position has been filled.
  • Coordinates candidate relocations and assists with implementing relocation details along with the assigned Human Resources Consultant.