Credits Required for Graduation: 

Program Outcomes

1Use effective communication skills.
2Apply mathematical concepts.
3Transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
4Demonstrate ability to think critically.
5Demonstrate ability to value self and work ethically with others in a diverse population.
6Use technology effectively.
7Make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
8Be oriented to the profession relative to Wisconsin Criminal Justice System, ethical conduct in law enforcement and techniques of problem-oriented policing. Demonstrate understanding.
9Be qualified to pass the Defense Arrest Techniques and Principles of Subject Control requirements after completion of hands-on training.
10Be qualified/certified by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training Standards Board in the proper care and use of firearms.
11Be qualified/certified by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board in the First Respondent/Hazardous Materials.
12Will have applicable knowledge of legal procedures and Constitutional issues relative to practice of law enforcement.
13Physically demonstrate proper operation of a police patrol vehicle under emergency and non-emergency conditions.
14Demonstrate ability to investigate a traffic accident in accordance with requirements of the State of Wisconsin.
15Demonstrate knowledge of Wisconsin’s Motor Vehicle Laws and the process for completion of a Wisconsin Uniform Traffic Citation.
16Demonstrate knowledge of procedures and techniques for responding to common patrol problems and situation/critical thinking.
17Demonstrate knowledge of the techniques and procedures necessary to conduct and document a criminal investigation, and investigate crimes against person and property.