Finance Placement Information


Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 69.00

Follow-Up 2013-2014 Information

Graduates 5
Graduates Responding 5
Employed In Related Occupations 2
Employed in Non-related Occupations 2
Seeking Employment 0
Continuing Education 1
Not In Labor Market 0

Salary Data - Related Employment

Responding 0 2
Average Hours Per week  N/A 44
Median Hourly Wage N/A $12.50
Hourly Wage Range N/A $11.00-$14.00
Median Annual Salary N/A $28,288

Respondents In Related Occupations

Accountant; D & D Farm Supply, Inc., Arcadia, WI
Administrative Assistant; Schneider Accounting and Tax, Inc., La Crosse, WI